Mission Statement

Setting new Standards in Jervis Bay real estate

ONEAGENCY Jervis Bay is driven to deliver the best professional, dedicated and innovative real estate service in the Jervis Bay area. Our team of dedicated staff are totally 'client focused' and driven to succeed in providing  the 'care factor' and acheiving 100% satisfaction in dealings with all our clients.


ONEAGENCY Jervis Bay has been established to specialise and excel in property management and 'mobile' sales in the Jervis Bay & St Georges Basin areas.

1)Sales Agency - 'Mobile Agency' With the changing world of real estate and the shift towards online marketing of property to source buyers, our sales department has 'gone mobile' reducing overheads and becoming more cost effective allowing us to pass on 'big' savings to our vendors. The Staff are accessible to you and and buyers 24/7 on the phone, email, computer and tablets. Sales personel are trained and use the latest innovative software & systems enabling them to provide the best communication and service to you at all times. We're available to help people sell their homes as fast as possible, at the best price and most importantly without the huge fees.

2) Rentals- Property Management - We are devoted  to property management rentals focussing 100% on investment properties and great tenancies.  Another point of difference is the rigorous selection proccess we have in tenant selection and our ability to match tenant with the ideal home suited to them. Whether you are a property owner who wants to find the right tenant to maximise your investment or a tenant looking for a great place to live, we strive to provide 100% satisfaction. 

Our staff are constantly informed of the latest leglislations changes and trained in the use of the latest innovative software and systems.  This allows us to electronically communicate inspection reports and photos to you as soon as the inspection is completed. We insist our tenants report all maintenance issues and we also expect property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet leglislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants.

Devoting our best efforts & skills, effective marketing and rigorous screening processes ensure only the best applicants are presented to you for consideration.